canoe-camping for women
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Michigan canoe-camping for women
Learn to Canoe in Michigan
Canoe trips for women in MI Low-impact camping
Relaxing on the river


My goal for you:
The canoe trip agenda for the weekend is relaxed and flexible, to allow you to experience what happens in a beautiful place by or on the water, when you are quiet and open. There are no structured activities; it is best to "just be" on or by the river and do what you want to enjoy

Each person's experiences will be unique. Some may feel they are simply relaxing, while others feel they are connecting with nature, or with what they call spirit. Still others just like being there. There are no "right," "wrong" or prescribed outcomes.

This is an opportunity to leave your routines, distractions and roles of everyday life and simply be on the river. With only each other and the support of a skilled guide, you discover the ease and fun of guiding a canoe, setting up camp, and relaxing in nature. You learn to rely on forgotten or yet-to-be-discovered skills as you reconnect with yourself and with the beauty of the river. There are many moments of "Oh, wow, I did it!" as well as, inner relaxation and joy.

What you’ll be doing:
For three days and two nights, you and the other women will be canoeing, sharing a tent, and camping in "primitive" areas along the Manistee River in Michigan. Generally, the sunlight wakes you by 7 or 8 in the morning. As a group, we prepare (and enjoy!) breakfast. Then we'll strike camp, load the canoes, and be on the river by late morning. We'll paddle for a few hours, taking breaks to float quietly and enjoy nature, get out on a sand bar, snack or eat lunch as we wish. We'll pull in to the next campsite by mid-afternoon and again, as a team, set up the tents and "kitchen," prepare dinner, and relax.

Everything is geared to feel fairly leisurely, with time for swimming, walking, reading, personal reflections, or simply listening to the wind and watching the clouds.

As an alternative, instead of traveling along the river, you could be “base-camped” in a wooded area, beside a river, and go for a day-trip on the nearby river.

As needed, you will be given instruction in canoeing and low-impact camping skills. Canoe Reflections LLC supplies most of your camping gear and food – you will only need a sleeping bag, and your clothes.

Low-impact camping is practiced:
These skills allow you to enjoy and respect nature while leaving little or no trace of having been in the area. Campfires are small or non-existent, noise is kept minimal, left-over food is packed out, and vegetation is carefully walked around or through. Where no outhouses are available, we will dig “cat-holes” away from the river.

The Manistee River, which flows in Northern Lower Michigan, is Class I – the easiest of all – a gentle stable current, no rapids, no scary anything! This serene river has only been gently touched by man – there are few cabins and occasional road noise, some fishermen and canoeists.

The 3-day canoe-camping trips may be scheduled June through September. They usually begin early Sunday morning, ending Tuesday evening. Dates are set to accommodate your availability. Canoe day trips are often run on Sundays; week days are certainly possible.

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